Our Safety Measures

At Leonidas Finance, we strongly believe in the motto of "TRUST IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS." As such, we are willing to go to great lengths to help keep our investors safe.
Here are the 4 measures we are implementing:
1. Multi-sig:
Each of the three founding members will have control of the 3/3 accessible multi-sig wallet. In the future, we will look to have more important community members be part of our multi-sig to further increase trust.
2. Liquidity Locked
Liquidity will be automatically be locked for 10000 days by Pinksale, so there would be 0% chance of rug-pulling.
3. KYC:
We have already finished KYC with Assure. You can find our KYC NFT through here:
https://www.assuredefi.io/projects/leonidas-finance We are looking to finish another KYC with Obsidian Council post-launch to further increase trust among the community.
4. No Mint Function:
Go ahead, look at our contract. WE DON'T HAVE A MINT FUNCTION.
Of course, we will be getting an audit soon either with Solidity or more established firms such as Certik.